Get Genmaicha in Singapore with free shipping for over $80 spending. Genmaicha is a curated blend of Sencha and roasted puffed brown rice. Well loved by the Japanese, it has the rich flavour of roasted grains with the freshness of Sencha.

Most Genmaicha in the market is made from a mix of puffed rice and low grade Sencha, low grade Nibancha (tea from the second harvest of the year) or Sanbancha (tea from the third harvest of the year). Our Genmaicha is made from only Ichibancha (tea from the first harvest of the year) and is recommended for an everyday tea.

Uji produces one of the most expensive tea in Japan and had not been once detected with any radiation residue since the Fukushima earthquake, hence Tea Cottage SG had selected this premium Uji blend for everyone to enjoy.


- Rich in polyphenols, such as catechins and gallic acid, as well as other antioxidants like carotenoids and ascorbic acid
- Boosts metabolism and burns calories
- Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar
- Calms the mind and relaxes the body
- Detoxifies effectively and naturally
- Rich in fibre, chlorophyll and vitamins
- Enhances mood and aids in concentration
- Provides Vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium
- Boost energy
- Strengthen Immune system
- Prevents diseases 


Rich mellow notes accompanied with fragrant roasted rice taste.


Uji, Japan


Green leaves with brown roasted rice.


Normal way - Pour 80°C water into a 300-350ml cup and infuse with a tea bag for 1-2 minutes.

Kyusu (Teapot) Method - Place (7-8g) 1.5 tablespoons of tea into the Kyusu, pour 80°C water and steep for 1 minute then serve. It can be brewed 3 times with full flavour


Keep refrigerated for best taste.


- People with a sensitive stomach may consider drinking tea after meals.

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