Baby Chrysanthemum (Tai Ju)

Known as Golden Flower in Greek and Ju Hua in Chinese. Baby Chrysanthemum is the premium harvest from Hangzhou white chrysanthemum and it is picked when the flower is just starting to blossom. A rare and highly sought after premium chrysanthemum with a refreshing floral taste.
First discovered in China more than 3500 years ago, Chrysanthemum tea has plentiful Vitamin A and is helpful in treating skin problems and increasing the immunity power. It also helps in anti-ageing process and age-related blindness.
It works great on detoxification on our liver, relieving heatiness (relief in sore throat, redness in the eyes, itchiness in the eyes, dryness in the eyes and dark eye ring in the eye area), enhance our lungs function (aids in respiratory issues), it also helps with fever condition, headache, giddiness, toothache and calms the mind. No wonder it has been used widely in ancient Chinese medicine as a wonder herb.


- Reduce Heatiness
- Aids in Cold recovery
- May relieve headache
- Improves Vision
- Improve on Dizziness condition
- Increase in Metabolism
- Improves Heart health
- Act as a Nerve relaxant
- Anti Inflammatory Agent
- May boost immunity


Sweet refreshing floral flavour.


Pour freshly boiled water over a tea bag or a tablespoon of chrysanthemum in a cup and infuse for 3 minutes.

*Recommended to pour away the first brew to 'wash' the tea.


Keep in a cool dry place, away from strong light. Refrigerate if possible.

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