Japanese Tea Cup (Matsuba Yunomi) - 1 piece

The flavour of green tea depends not only on the quality of tea and the brewing process. It depends on the size, shape, and thickness of the vessel that it is brewed or served in. Tea served in a ceramic mug will taste different than tea served in a porcelain Yunomi.

Matsuba means pine needle, which is designed on the surface of this Yunomi.

Also, the appearance of the teacup should be in harmony with the tea to make a beautiful visual presentation. In Japan, traditionally it is thought that the green colour of Sencha or Gyokuro looks lovely against a white background. Swaying green tea in a beautiful white teacup in addition to the relaxing flavour and aroma of the tea makes teatime more enjoyable!

1 piece of Lead-free glazed porcelain tea cup (100ml). Made in Japan.

Highly Recommended to pair it with Our Japanese Kyusu.

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