Citrus Pu Erh (Year 2003)

Green Citrus from Xinhui, Guang Dong province combined with Imperial Pu Erh Tea from Yunnan province is a combination of the health benefits of both orange and pu erh tea. It is good for the stomach, relieving cough, detoxification, weight loss, anti ageing, eliminating phlegm and reducing hangover effects.

Most citrus pu erh uses new pu erh or few years old pu erh tea as vintage pu erh tea is expensive. Tea Cottage SG decided to use our vintage year 2003 imperial pu erh and combined with high-grade citrus orange to get this best of both worlds premium pu erh tea. We are totally in love with this citrus pu erh tea!


- Aids in weight loss
- Detoxification, break down and thus reduce fats in our body
- Lower blood pressure
- Reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides
- May reduce blood sugar significantly
- Prevent heart diseases, reduce plaque in the heart and helps to prevent strokes
- Source of anti-oxidant and promote cell health
- Has anti-inflammatory properties
- Aids digestion & promotes bowel regularity
- Provides fluoride and magnesium for stronger bones and for teeth to fight cavities
- Helps prevent bad breath
- Soothes and helps prevent stress
- Boost the immune system and metabolic processes in the body
- Good for lungs and eliminating phlegm and flu symptoms
- Aids in hangover


Dark liquor with pleasant earthly taste accompanied with citrus notes. Refreshing aftertaste.


Yunnan/Xinhui Province 


Small loose tea leaves, dark in colour in a small dry orange.


Pour freshly boiled water over the dried orange and for a faster brew, break the dried orange into smaller pieces for the tea to infuse faster.

*Recommended to pour away the first brew to 'wash' the tea.

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