Duck Sh*t Oolong

Duck Sh*t Oolong (or Ya Shi Xiang 鴨屎香) is a rare Dan Cong Oolong tea which is part of the revered Golden Phoenix family of teas that come from Phoenix Mountain Chaozhou(Teochew) in Northeastern Guangdong province of China. Widely popular for its high floral fragrance and sweet taste, it is one of the best Dan Cong oolong tea we had tasted!

The awful name is just a deception as the farmer did not want this cultivar to be exploited by other farmers. With a 900 years old rich tradition, these teas have a great aroma and unique flavours that come from their volcanic soil.



- Aids in weight loss
- Boosts your metabolism
- Lower blood pressure
- Reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides
- Promote healthy skin
- Reduce the individual risk of cardiovascular disease
- Source of anti-oxidant 
- Has anti-inflammatory properties
Strengthens immune system
- Helps prevent bad breath
- Soothes and helps prevent stress


Fragrant flower, longan and honey notes with a sweet and dry aftertaste. Pleasant floral fragrance lingering in your mouth for a good while and is able to stand to brew for multiple times.


Phoenix Mountain, Chaozhou, Northeastern Guangdong Province, China


Mostly green looking and slightly curled tea leaves.


Pour freshly boiled water over a tea bag and infuse for 1-2 minutes or 1-2 teaspoons of loose tea in a cup and infuse for 3 minutes.

*Recommended to pour away the first brew to 'wash' the tea.

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