Best Selling Ginger Honey Tea

Best Selling Ginger Honey Tea

August 05, 2018 0 Comments

This is one of the best selling mixture tea in Tea Cottage and today I will like to talk about how it came about and how to make a best cup of Ginger Honey Tea.

When I heard about the benefits on these 3 items when added together, I was so excited and began on my research. This formula was widely found on Chinese medicine books and on the Internet. I had read plenty of it and consulted a local Chinese Doctor before affirming my belief on it. 

A good friend of mine who is coming to her 50s had suddenly complained of her aged pigmentation growing on both of her hands and face. I had decided to make her my "guinea pig" and try out this formula on her. Within 3 months of consuming the tea daily, she had lost substantial weight and her aged pigmentation had lightened. Deeply convinced, she continued for another 3 more months and within 6 months;

  1. She lost all her aged pigmentation 
  2. Lost weight
  3. She became fair (whitening effect)
  4. Looks younger
  5. Improved digestion
  6. Unafraid of cold as compared to before

With this testimonial, I was determined to find the best ingredient of these 3 items. I researched that the best ginger powder is Malaysia Bentong Ginger and hence I started to buy and tried many different bentong ginger powder in Singapore and Malaysia. Sadly to say, I couldn't find any authentic ginger powder as I realised that most of the powder were mixed with Thailand bentong ginger (cheaper by more than 50%), China ginger and Malaysia B & C grade bentong ginger. 

The most likely reason was due to the expensive price of A grade Malaysia Bentong Ginger, irregular stocks and always increasing prices. Hence, I had sourced the A grade Malaysia Bentong ginger myself in Malaysia and produced our own ginger powder. Take note that 1kg of ginger only produce approximate 50g of powder and hence ginger powder is concentrated and expensive.

For honey, I was using wild Indonesian honey as my friend owns a huge land and at a certain period of the year, the wild bees will come. But most of the customers doesnt like the taste of the wild honey as it is not as sweet as the commerical honey in the market.

In the beginning of 2018, I was lucky to find the best honey in the world. Tasmania is known to have one of the cleanest air and water in the world and most importantly they have one of the best honey in the world from their famous leatherwood trees in the rain forest. Leatherwood flowers only blossom after 75 years and most of the honey are harvested from the leatherwood tree 100 - 1000 years old! 

Old trees have very good energy (Qi / Chakra) and taking the honey from these trees will be definitely much better than young trees in Traditional Chinese Medicine concept. Cradle Mountain leatherwood honey had won the Best Honey in the world award and numerous gold medal and is well known in the honey industry. Pure and organic by virtue, this honey will be the best honey choice for my tea. Tasmania and Australia are also one of the last remaining countries in the world which their bees are free from Varroa Mites which is a very important consideration when choosing our Honey.

This year, I also had sourced the best tea for this formula which is the Ceremonial grade premium Uji Matcha. Matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than normal green tea and after drinking, it will burn fats 4 times faster than normal. It is also easier to brew as you can fully consume the whole powder leaves.

Ginger is slightly heaty in nature, matcha is cooling in nature and honey is balanced. With these 3 items combined together, you can get a perfect daily healthy drink with tonnes of health benefits!

Here's how you can mix the it!

Empty a sachet of 2g Matcha into a cup.

Add hot water and half a teaspoon of ginger powder.

Stir it well.

Add room/cold temperature water. Take note that honey can't be put in water with more than 40°C and no metal spoon should be use to stir.

After stirring well, the drink is ready to drink. It is advised to drink it in the morning on an empty stomach, but if you have sensitive/weak stomach, please drink it after breakfast.

After 1 week of trying out this tea, I had increased energy and concentration level and lost 1kg without any dieting ^_^

Hope you will enjoy the tea as much as we do!