Why should you drink first pick spring tea?

Why should you drink first pick spring tea?

October 27, 2018 0 Comments

Many people often ask us why does Ichiban (First Harvest) Sencha from Tea Cottage cost 20 times more than supermarket prices? 

Tea plants hibernate over the winter and once the first spring arrive, all the nutrients and minerals are grown into the young tea buds hence, making the tea leaves the best and most nutritious of all seasons. Throughout the world, first spring tea are the most expensive of all and it is often free of pesticide as in the cold weather, there are almost no insects around.


In China, pre-Qing Ming (first spring) Long Jing tea (Dragon well,明前龙井茶) commands the highest green tea prices.

When it comes to summer, temperature rises and insects are all around. To prevent insect from damaging the harvest, farmers often had to spray pesticides on the crops and some teas were tested to have more than 22 types of pesticides and some are toxic to health. See the video below from CBC news (Some of the tea brands are in Singapore).


Supermarkets and restaurants often choose Summer tea for the cheap prices and 99% of the consumers can’t differentiate it at all. In chinese sayings, 一分钱一分货 (What you pay is the quality that you get). Do not short change yourself by drinking cheap tea thinking that it will improve your health but in real fact, it is damaging your health slowly by ingesting the chemicals and toxic everyday. 

The best investment in life is to invest in your health, enjoy quality tea to experience good health and better life.