Halloween Horror Nights 8 @ USS

Halloween Horror Nights 8 @ USS

September 28, 2018 0 Comments

It's coming to the month of October again, how time flies! Have you booked your tickets to the Halloween Horror Nights(HHN)? 27th Sep was the start of the HHN all the way till 31st Oct. 

If you have not, book your tickets here below. There are ongoing promotions which you can check it out.


We went on the first day of the event. Halloween props could be seen everywhere within Universal Studios Singapore(USS).

Night falls, crowd started to enter to the horror adventures! 


Plan your route ahead as the queue for each haunted houses are really really really long! Here's the map for your reference.

 We started our route with the 1st scare zone 'Apocalypse : Earth' which is on the right side once you entered USS.

There are a total of 3 shows throughout HHN8, so do take note of the showtime that you are interested in.

As the timing was just nice when we passed by 'blood & bones' show arena, we decided to watch that.

In my opinion, kinda disappointing. Not worth the time to wait for the show.

As shown in the HHN8 map, some of the rides are available. Being the first timer, we guessed that most people will be queuing for haunted houses first. Thus, we should cleared the rides before the queue starts. And indeed, the waiting time for the rides were rather short. 

After playing the rides, the first haunted house we went to queue was Haunting of Oiwa.


Shocked by the long awaited queue and warm weather, we queued like 10 minutes and gave up. Many people gave up like us as they heard there was another 80 minutes more to go. And thus, went on to the next haunted house.

They have a zombie laser tag zone, which is additional surcharge of $38 for 5 minutes.

This is located at the waterfront show area. The queuing time indicated 60 minutes, so we concluded to queue for this. It was such a long queue and we were so tired!

It was pretty scary to see all the chinese ghosts that you see in the movies, 黑白无常,孟婆,牛头马面 and many more all in one house. There was a part where the lights are flickering and when the lights are back, the ghost is right in front of my face! 

While queuing, I guess he was too tired from the queuing till he fell asleep. :)

This marks the end of the HHN8 after the haunted house by the time we were out. Some tips to take note if you are heading down to HHN8:

  • Wear light & short-sleeved clothes as it's hot & humid during the queuing time
  • Plan ahead of the places that you wants to visit as queuing takes up a lot of your time 
  • For the faint hearted people, get yourself prepared to get scared by the actors