Our Humble Beginning

At Last! I finally decided to start on a blog to share all the fantastic and exotic journeys I had encountered while searching for the best cup of tea in the world. When I was young, I always thought my cup of Teh O, English Breakfast and Earl Grey tea are the most delicious beverages. It was until when I ventured into doing business in China, then I realized "My Gosh!" Chinese tea tastes SO GOOD!!!  It tastes so good in its natural form and there is no need to add any milk or sugar!
Of course, the journey hasn't been a smooth sailing one. I was conned umpteen times while learning about tea, mostly in China and Taiwan. It's either they will give you an inferior tea and charge you a high price or worse still, they will give you fake tea. The worst experience I had was in Taipei, the tea that I brought back burnt my throat and made me lost my voice for a couple of days. This is how far humans will go to earn more money, sad truth.
Luckily, I was born a persistent person. I never give up and I met some nice experienced folks who guided me through this journey and I am still learning along the way. I don't think there is any real tea master in the world as there are thousands different kind of tea in the world, no one can claim to be the master of all. I am humbled to share my little knowledge with all of you along the way.
All these years, Tea Cottage SG had been doing a supplying and trading role in the premium tea market but I realized that people in Singapore doesn't consume as much tea as compared to other parts the world. In Canada, they consumed 10 Billion cups of tea a year and China is definitely a larger tea market. Look at our neighbour, Malaysia, we can't even be compared to them.
I was studying the trend and I realized most people in Singapore are too busy to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. They felt that
1) Chinese tea need to be consumed in the Chinese kung fu tea style.
2) Premium tea leaves are expensive.
3) Singaporeans are more inclined to coffee.
4) The word "Made in China" freaked them out.
5) Chinese tea is always that one taste you had in your restaurant / kopi tiam.
Well, this is when I started to look into the viability of producing premium tea bags for working class to enjoy their tea at a low premium and it doesn't consume much of their time to brew a cup of tea bag.
1) Chinese tea can be brewed in larger teapot /teacup or just tea bags to save time just like your normal tea bags.
2) Premium tea can be affordable with Tea Cottage SG.
3) Tea has much more positive health benefits than coffee.
4) China produced the best tea in the world, the trick is to source from ethical suppliers.
5) Chinese tea have thousands of different flavours and definitely one will suit your palate.
Most tea bags selling in Singapore market are packed in China and India, the cost is very low but it is hard to monitor the processes and quality of the tea if I decided to do it that way. So I decided to hand packed and sealed all my tea to ensure the high quality standard I had set for myself.
This is the humble journey that Tea Cottage SG had embarked on and I hope all of you will enjoy our cup of tea as much as we do!
Stay tuned for more posts coming your way!

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